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Farm & Ranch

Your farm or ranch is more than just a home or place of business, and we know just how to cover it.

Did You Know?

If your child is interested in participating in club livestock shows, you might be wondering if you need to replace your Home policy with a Farm & Ranch policy. Most homeowner’s policies will allow for a show animal type risk, provided it is not a year round exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

A home policy is designed for a property with minimal acreage and no farm or ag exposure. An F&R policy is designed to cover a property from just an acre to thousands of acres and the farm/ag exposure that comes from that risk.

There is no true acreage minimum or maximum, just that a property has some kind of a farm/ag exposure. Raising livestock, hunting, and agribusiness, such as farming or dairies, qualify the property for an F&R policy.

Yes, an F&R policy takes into account that many risks will be out of town and far from fire hydrants or the responding fire department.

An F&R policy is designed to provide liability to others for animals on the property. If a cow wanders onto a roadway and is hit by a car, the liability of the property owner for that animal is covered.The actual damage to the animal is not typically covered under an F&R policy but some may be endorsed to provide some coverage for the actual animal.

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